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  1. GCSE: The Signalman
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The signalman tells the narrator that he has been seeing "apparitions.

GCSE: The Signalman

The narrator continues his skepticism by telling the signalman that the events that occurred after the apparitions were merely coincidence, "this was a remarkable coincidence, calculated deeply to impress his mind" p. He is like agent Scully and the signalman is like agent Muld Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper. Example Essays. The Signalman. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 2.

Introduction | “The Signal-Man” and Other Stories Wikipedia | GradeSaver

Next Page. More Essays:. Her Crying ceased immediately.

She stared At me, her blue eyes wide open and frighteningly cold. She gave me an adult stare that made me tremble. The quote also shows how Mrs James feels she can only express her thoughts of Harry to Chris through violence and outbursts of anger. In the second example personification is used to show the roses to be an almost human enemy and is used to describe when Mrs James collapses with fear and sunstroke.

The writer says the roses turn red to symbolise danger and loss. Both story beginnings were effective as both posed a puzzle and made the reader want the opening questions answered. Sharp shadows on the grass. White roses. Children with red hair.

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And the name- Harry. Such an ordinary name. This is also a good way to begin a story as the list consists of seemingly inoffensive things that have provoked an obsessive fear in Mrs James.

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Below there! This passage is also an example of tension and fear building up as in the story the signalman is described as good at his job and intelligent so when he begins to react strangely to everyday occurrences it becomes even more curious. Those were the very words. I know them well.

Both ‘The Signalman and The Darkness out There have unexpected endings Essay

This quote also builds up tension and fear due to the fact that as readers we know something is wrong but we are not clear on what so this passage leaves us to dread what we read next. Yet the first time Christine mentioned the name, I felt a premonition of fear. This quote is also chilling due to the element of fear being found in such a normal name making readers feel vulnerable aswell as Mrs James.

Tension and fear is also built up when Chris mentions Harry for the first time. Fear and tension also develops here as the shadow also fits previous descriptions given by Christine. In both stories there is examples of rational voices attempting to console Mrs James and the train worker.


He tries to do this by suggesting the spectre is all in his mind and that the ghost does not really exist. The traveller also plays down the fear he feels by using informal language and a friendly tone. In both cases the rational voices only relax the characters momentarily until they discover yet another clue to who Harry and the spectre really is.

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Both stories are also similar as Mrs James and the signalman feel isolated in their fear and pain and think there is no one who can truly understand their situations. This is effective as it makes readers not just characters feel insecure.

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King would also approve as Mrs Kings fears now reside in the familiar aswell as the unknown. Who Is Christine? The left arm is across the face, and the right arm is waved. It is also so there is still a mystery as to who or what the sighting is. The traveller returns to find the signalman dead, he had been knocked down by a train after the driver had attempted to warn him by making the same hand gestures as the spectre.

The signalman had been so scared by what he thought was the spectre he could not he could not avoid the oncoming train.

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This was an effective ending as it was powerful and had a clever twist.